Company Name

  • Caerus, the youngest son of Zeus, is the Greek God of opportunity. Caerus is the due measure that achieves the aim. Caerus has a lock of hair hanging over his brow which can be grabbed while he is arriving, but no hair on the back of his head to grab as an opportunity passed is now unable to be obtained.

  • Caerus is always running and has wings on his feet. He also carries scales balanced on a razor’s edge indicating the fleeting instant in which occasions appear and disappear. We believe this symbol signifies our company’s ability to identify opportunities in the upstream oil and gas sector and execute a transaction while the opportunity is present.

  • Our track record includes successful sourcing and execution of some of the most complex transactions in the upstream space over the last 15 years. We believe creativity in acquisitions is sometimes as important as creativity in operations. Solving complex financial structures which burden high quality assets can result in a prize which otherwise would not be obtainable in a plain brown wrapper.

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