Are You a Vendor?

We strive to build and maintain positive, productive working relationships with our vendors and suppliers who offer quality services and materials. If you are one of our partners and are in need of a prior year Form 1099, have accounting questions, or need to review our contractor policies, we are here to help.


Vendor invoices should be submitted directly to the Caerus OpenInvoice site ( Please direct questions to or 303.865.5769.


Active vendors must maintain continuous insurance coverage and submit evidence of such coverage to Caerus. Caerus should be listed as as an additional insured with a waiver of subrogation on vendor insurance policies. To submit required insurance certificates and renewals, please email the certificate to


All vendors providing services to Caerus on or within the Uintah and Ouray Reservation must be UTERO compliant, have a current UTERO license, a current Ute Indian Tribe Business License, and a current Ute Indian Tribe Access Permit. If you are a vendor working for Caerus and provide goods or services on tribal lands, you must maintain and submit the following evidence of compliance;

  • Ute Indian Tribe Business License
  • Ute Indian Tribe Access Permit with Caerus Uinta LLC listed on the permit
  • UTERO License with Caerus Uinta LLC listed on the license

All vendors must have evidence of current UTERO compliance on file with Caerus prior to performing work on any tribal lands.

Evidence of UTERO compliance needs to be sent to Caerus via email to

If you have any questions, please contact